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Installed Rotors

What’s the Best Way to Break in My New Pads and Rotors?

What’s the Best Way to Break in My New Pads and Rotors?    Once you’ve installed your new brake pads and rotors, you’ll want to properly break them in to guarantee they’ll function at peak efficiency. Essentially, this process involves heating them up and cooling them back down – in a heavily controlled environment. Doing so […]

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Red Vehicle

How Do I Extend the Life of My Brakes?

If you had to make a list of the most important components in any vehicle, your brakes would undoubtedly be right at the top. As one of the major elements of your car’s safety, it stands to reason you’d want to keep your brakes operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible. Yes, normal […]

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OEM replacement Rotors brake kits takes out the confusion and making it easy when its time to replace your brake rotors and pads. Paired with Premium Ceramic Brake Pads making it a perfect combination for great braking performance without breaking your wallet. OEM replacement Rotors provide superior performance that meets or exceeds all original manufacturer […]

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