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ECONOMY Series Black Edition description:
ECONOMY Series Black Edition brake rotors will come in black zinc. Where the pads in contact with the rotor, the black zinc will eventually wear off after the initial break-in procedure, leaving the hat and inner vane structure black. This is normal and unavoided.

ECONOMY Series brake kits takes out the confusion and making it easy when its time to replace your brake rotors and pads. Paired with Premium Ceramic Brake Pads making it a perfect combination for great braking performance without breaking your wallet.

ECONOMY Series rotors provide superior performance that meets or exceeds all original manufacturer specifications. The ECONOMY Series rotor is manufactured with G3000 iron grade for greater braking power and stability. The rotor is coated with silver zinc to maximize the life of the rotor and protects against rust (excludes ECONOMY Series OE Replacement Rotors). Double disc grinding provides smoother and quieter braking, while reducing vibration and the time required for break-in. Rotors are mill balanced for long-lasting durability. Cross Drilled and Slotted rotors combine the best technologies for the longest lasting,highest performance rotors available. Crossed Drilled to prevent warping, Diamond Slot Technology™ removes debris and reduce glazing. The Diamond Slot tipped ends provide an indicator for rotor replacement. When the tips are gone, rotor replacement is necessary. All ECONOMY Series rotors are designed for direct fitment; no modification are required. 365 Days Manufacturer Replacement Warranty against warping.

ECONOMY drilled & slotted black image

Premium Ceramic Brake Pads manufactured using Positive Mold Technology utilized by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Every pad is scorched to give you a quick bed-in, giving you performance from the start. Ceramic material for low dust and high temperature fade resistance. Chamfered and rubberized shimmed for low vibration and noise. Get a well balanced brake pad made for daily driving.

Brake Kit includes:
Drilledrotors product
Silver Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors
  • 100% Guaranteed Direct Fitment - No Modification Required
  • G3000 Grade Grey Iron
  • Drilled Chamfered Holes to Reduce Heat, and Stress Cracks
  • Slotted to Increase Brake Pads Bite
  • Double Disc Grind for Smoother and Quieter Bed-in Process
  • Mill Balanced to prevent vibrations
  • Silver Zinc Plated to Provide Rust Protection on hub and vanes
Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Long Lasting Advanced Performance Ceramic Brake Pad Formula with Low Dust and Noise
  • 100% scorched to accelerate the break-in process
  • Shimmed to Eliminate Noise and Vibration
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I ordered the wrong parts, called customer service, they got me what I needed in less than 5 mins.


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Increase Braking Performance over Original Equipment
Rust Protection (Hub, Vents, and Edge)
Heat Dissapation (Reduce Warping)
365 Days Warranty
Towing/Hauling - Trucks/SUVs